Who are we?

INGHO is an engineering company created in 2004 by independent professionals that provides consultancy services related to facilities, energy management, environmental impact, cutting-edge technology, equipment planning and services management (facilities management). Our team strives to provide value-added solutions for our customers.

We are involved in the building operation through audits for facilities maintenance, SW tools implementation to improve the energy efficiency and facilities management. We also provide planning for renovation projects and energy audits.


Why us?

Our commitment to our customers – we understand the key factors and the risks associated with your business. Our involvement is proactive to help you achieve your goals in an efficient way.

We offer our cusotmers innovative and operative solutions that are suited to their requirements – our team is committed to delivering designs with the latest technological advancements in the sector. We also develop R&D in house to give innovative and verified solutions to our customers

Committed with deadlines – we are aware of the importance of complying with the expected delivery dates. We envision our engineering work as a crucial part of a design team and as such place great importance towards managing our work in an efficient way

We maintain our deliverables to high standards because we use the best and innovatice project management, design and calculation software tools.

Quienes somos

Experts in the health sector

INGHO has developed an in-depth knowledge in the health sector. Most of our consultants are professionals who have worked in operations and management roles in public hospitals. These buildings are fitted with complex equipment and facilities. Our experience in this field and our technical skills allow us to overcome any challenge in the engineering and building sector : services, residential or industrial.

Our working ethci is based on taking on responsibility of our project design to achieve the objectives defined by the architect and the property developer. We join efforts and work together in search of the most suitable solution from an economic and technical point of view, as well as integrating building services into the architectural concept of the building.

We are experts in the development of equipment plans for buildings. We are capable of covering everthing from high-level concepts of building engineering down to minutest details of furniture.


Customer satisfaction is our best presentation card, following you can see some companies and organizations that have shared with us some engineering project.

Added value

The added value that INGHO brings to technical proposals derives not solely from the experience of the team but also from the firm’s innovative approach. INGHO is active in various research and development projects in which it collaborates in the development of Buildings making them more comfortable for its occupants, more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

We are involved in building operations, complete maintenance audits and implement software to improve energy and facilities management. We are also involved in facilities renewal and energy audits.

Besides project design and management, our services also include consultancy, feasibility assessments, procurement of licences and permits, basic and detailed engineering, technical assistance during construction and kick off, maintenance planning and turnkey projects.

Our values – the added value to our customers

Creative and passionate – we offer innovative solutions based on our in-depth expertise and the best practices in the sector, which are the result of our curiosity in technological advances. However, we always consider the practical approach of the solutions and control the risk for the final customer.

Focused in customer needs – we understand and share our customer’s objectives to give complete solutions and meet 100% of the customer’s requirements.

Partnership – teamwork with our external partners is one of our core values, we are a further cog in the wheel enabling the information to flow naturally to develope and integrated concept design.

Committed with the excellence – we are strongly committed to our customer to provide  high-quality deliverables whilist respecting deadlines. Our excellent project management procedures reduce the risks in order to offer an outstanding service.

Certificación de calidad

Quality policy

The Quality and Environmental policy defined by INGHO consider the customer satisfaction and the respect for the environment as the main pillars of our management, those principles are the foundations for the service delivery in consultancy and project management within the fields of facilities, environmental impact, equipment, high technology and facility management.