BIM methodology

Why do we use BIM methodology in our engieneering projects?

BIM methodology allows a better understanding of the whole project. The 3D view of the building eases the communication among all the professionals that must work together on the project. The interchange of information in 2D or 3D enables a level of detail that helps to detect potential problems during the conceptual design phase and during the detailed building design. The project in BIM integrates in a single document the work of construction companies, property developers, architecture and engineering professionals. Therefore, the stakeholders share a common vision of the project in real time.
Once the building design is finished and included in the BIM model, the project drawings can be obtained automatically. The modifications are made over one single document and all the modifications will be automatically updated in all the drawings: elevations, floor plans, details… It saves money and makes a better use of human resources for all the companies involved when required modifications must be done. Working with a single document for the building definition and its facilities also allows a better integration for measurement and budgeting.
BIM is the future methodology for buildings projects. Sector trends lead to an increasing use of it. New platforms will join BIM tools in order to add more functionality. Product manufacturers will also add their BIM models to be used during the building design.