Equipment planning and facilities management

Equipment plans have a special relevance to building owners. Equipment installed in a building must be properly managed due to the large quantities associated and their highly specialized characteristics.
Maintenance costs in some cases can be as high as 40% of the construction cost. The definition of a maintenance plan in which the main needs and technical requirements are defined for each equipment is becoming a necessity. The required space, the electrical and plumbing requirements of the installation as well as the environmental conditions for each piece of equipment are critical aspects that must be foreseen and coordinated in advance to avoid conflicts during project start-up.

The owner will use the equipment plan as the foundation to manage the assets of the building. Activities such as scheduling of maintenance services, cleaning, catering, laundry, transport, compliance with regulations, the environmental impact of the activities undertaken in the building, the optimization of internally or externally managed services, and so on are topics that are becoming more important and are taking valuable time from managers of companies based in the building, which is not part of their core business.

Ingho has developed a web platform (GRIDE), that enables and support the realization of equipment due to the versatility of the platform related to the information that is able to keep and treat.

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