Environmental and energy management

Environmental and energy management sets a clear continuous improvement cycle for energy and environmental performance of buildings. Firstly, the current performance of a building is assessed, and then action plans are developed to improve the energy consumption and environmental impact of the building.
INGHO develops and operates software tools and methodologies to identify and evaluate the most relevant energy aspects to be improved in a building. The building simulation models enable the definition of scenarios. Energy performance is analysed for each scenario and potential solutions are compared. The scenarios may include infrastructure simulations and/or supply contract conditions.

Ingho has got an outstanding and extensive experience in energy audits for buildings of different uses and types, our team has developed a methodology that integrates the simulation of energy consumption for a full year using well-recoginized SW as Energy +. Our approach when developing energy audits allow to quantify the potential savings of the individual or joint measures, both for active or passive measures. Our clients value very positively our methodology and the quality of the deliverables, besides our contribution with innovative solutions.

Services included are:

  • Energy diagnosis and audits to assess the performance of the whole building or systems.
  • Consumption indicators analysis.
  • Building energy performance modelling, considering improvement measures to reduce energy demand and improve equipment performance.
  • Measurement and verification under EVO standards.
  • Carbon footprint life-cycle assessment.

Project references