In-house development

Ingho FM has developed different SW tools to improve the management of engineering projects. These tools have been designed based on more than 10 years expericence in the sector. Some of them are described below.

GESPION platform is a document management tool that enables the creation of technical specification document that describes the equipment and installations that are included in an engineering project for facilities, civil works and arquitectural aspects. On the one hand, this platform includes a full database with all the information needed to identify the minimum requirements prescribed in the project according to the defined quality standards. On the other hand, GESPION can help to define the technical part of the tender document of an engineering project, based on the selection of individual technical specifications defined in the database. The technical specifications include information that define the minimum requirements of a product to be installed in a specific construction project. These requirements are focused on: technical characteristics; documentation to be delivered before, during and after the construction; details (drawings, figures,…); BIM documents; quality control requirements before and after the installation; maintenance tasks…

GESPION platform has been fully developed by INGHO Facility Management S.L. This SW tool has been developed based on more than 10 years of know-how in the sector and will ease the work for engineering, construction companies and equipment manufacturers. This platform provides an answer to real market needs identified by our engineering team during project execution; our commitment with innovation, our aim to improve the quality of the delivered projects

and the efficiency in the use of resources, was the beacon when defining this platform.

The main guarantee of success is providing support to an expert engineering team by implementing this type of tool among companies in the sector.

GRIDE platform is a SW tool that supports the implementation of equipment inventory in complex buildings (such as hospitals, laboratories,…). This platform is born as a requirement identified when completing inventory before the relocation for these type of buildings.

This plaform enables the categorization of different equipment and furniture items, eases the data structure required for the inventory and also allows the storage of information linked to each piece of equipment: brand, model, serial number, age… A QR code is assigned to each piece of equipment, it is updated  in the databse through a mobile device, all this information supports the decision-making and the identification of all the equipments involved in the inventory.

Each of the equipment inventoried are allocated to a specific location in the building. The definition of the data structure is open to adapt to customer needs and allows the level of detail required in the definition of the inventory to be set. The application also supports uploading of pictures and technical information.

Innovation is embedded in the DNA of  Ingho FM , it helps us to improve our internal processes and define solutions for our customers that go beyond their expectations