We deliver engineering services where there is included the construction planification and schedule, the cost assessment, based on 3D modelling using BIM software tools. We can also apply LEED or BREEAM principles to the building design and can participate also in the certification process.


INGHO offers different services to the customers:

  • Engineering projects.
  • Facilities project management during construction; schedule, technical and economical control.
  • Technical assistance for the supervision during construction for architects, construction or intallation company.
  • Evaluation and facilities audits, energy efficiency. Requirements assessment. Regulation and normative accomplishment .
  • Project Management.
  • Maintenance engineering.

The knowledge areas or types of facilities in which we can provide added-value solutions are: air conditioning, electricity, plumbing, plumbing and water treatment, power plants for thermal energy production (including solar power plants, cogeneration, …), medical gases, automation communications or transportation. Below you can access additional information for each type of installation.